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Session Program

Tuesday, August 8 

9:30AM - 4:30PM


Special: Pre-Conference Workshop*

Online Marketing for Direct Response Fundraisers: From Basic to Master Concepts

Come and learn how to develop your Internet Plan, create different fundraising campaigns and efficiently execute fundraising campaigns. Here is a list of program highlights from this not to miss special day-long workshop:

  • eCRM/online marketing trends and core concepts
  • Building Your Internet Marketing Plan that supports your organizational strategy, assessing competitors, constituent surveys, phased plan template, metrics and goals, and breakout sessions
  • Nonprofit “practitioner” panel - Ask questions and get advice from your peers who are facing the same challenges you are in establishing an online presence and campaigns
  • Explore in-depth some of the emerging online fundraising approaches that show the most promise
  • Learn how to develop a repeatable way to plan and execute your online campaigns
  • Campaign planning, project management, testing protocols and analysis templates

Speakers: Vinay Bhagat, Founder, Chairman, and Chief Strategy Officer, Convio; Brian Hauf, Director of Marketing, Convio, Matthew Mielcarek, Sr. Interactive Consultant, Convio; Trent Ricker, Principal Consultant, Convio

Who should attend: This limited capacity day-long educational seminar is geared toward professionals with five or more years of experience in the nonprofit fundraising industry. It will provide an in-depth and highly interactive forum for learning and enhance your knowledge of direct response fundraising.

*The August 8 Pre-Conference Workshop has reached its capacity, and it's now closed. Please contact Helen Lee at hlee@the-dma.org to get on the waiting list.



Wednesday, August 9


8:30AM - 9:30AM

Opening KeynoteTony Campolo: Lessons from the Past

Sociologists have uncovered incredible important lessons to teach us out of the mouths of seniors over the age of 95. When asked what they would do if they had life to live over again, most agreed that they would: 1) Risk more, 2) Reflect more and, more importantly 3) Do more things that would live on after they were gone. How do these life lessons affect us in our daily work and what are the implications of these lessons for our own missions and organizations?  Come hear a compelling speaker, with a long list of accomplishments, who will leave you feeling both motivated and inspired!

Tony Campolo, Ph.D. is Professor Emeritus of Sociology at Eastern University in St. Davids, Pennsylvania. He previously served for ten years on the faculty of the University of Pennsylvania. He is a graduate of Eastern College and earned a Ph.D. from Temple University.


9:45AM - 11:00AM

Donor Profiles:  Longevity versus Passion - How to Distinguish the Difference when Prospecting for Major and Planned Gifts

How many names do we have in our database anyway?  Can you give me everyone who has given a cumulative gift of $1,000 in the last five years?  What about our recent wealth overlay - where are all those "A" list prospects?  You already know that your direct marketing database is a fertile ground for finding hot prospects for major and planned gifts. Are you considering the right donor attributes in selecting which donors to cultivate and recognize in your direct marketing program to move them up the ladder?  Are you feeding the right individuals to your development officers?   Although you may be providing names to fill this pipeline of prospects - how successful are these leads?

Would it surprise you to know that many of your best donors are raising their hand and waving it in your face, and you're looking the other way? This workshop will focus on how to differentiate between those individuals who look like prospects but aren't necessarily good candidates for large gifts.  How does a donor's passion and relationship play into the success of your program?   As an added treat attendees will hear a personal perspective from a major gift donor on why they give to specific organizations and what they believe makes them stand out from the rest of the crowd! 

Speaker: Chuck Longfield, CEO & Founder, Target Software and Target Analysis Group   

9:45AM - 11:00AM

Shifting Trends and New Opportunities in Online Fundraising

Come hear about some of the online fundraising industry’s latest research and results. Learn how online behavior predicts interest and giving… how nonprofits' websites are using donor discussion areas, auctions, stores, and other techniques to increase giving and build qualified prospect databases.

Learning Outcomes: At the conclusion of this session, participants will:

  • Use the internet to acquire new members and deepen relationships with existing members
  • Use their internet and online engagement strategies to lift participation in other online/office activities

Speaker: Timothy Oleary, Vice President, McPherson Associates, Inc.  

9:45AM - 11:00AM

Planning for Emergencies: Is Your Organization Ready? (From a fundraiser's perspective)

Over the last few years we have seen that a single event can have a huge impact on a nonprofit organization and its fundraising resources no matter what the size of the organization.  Whether it is a natural disaster, an action taken by the government or unexpected media attention, organizations need to be prepared for the unexpected.  Does your organization have an emergency plan?  Do you know what steps to take if suddenly you are in the media spotlight and donors are turning to support your organization?  Listen to three organizations that have had this experience, what they have learned from it and what plans they have in place so that they are prepared in the future.  

Hear how three organizations developed plans to respond to emergencies that affected their fundraising capacity and resources.  

Intended Audience:  Appropriate for all levels of fundraising professionals both on the client and agency side.


Learning Outcomes: At the conclusion of this session, participants will:

  • Have the tools and information to engage their organizations in putting together an emergency fundraising plan.
  • Know the vendors and resources that are necessary when you need to scale up a fundraising operation.
  • Have a framework for when an organization needs to react and when not to.

Speakers: Sue Woodward, President, Woodward Associates; Margaret Carter, Officer, Direct Response Fundraising, American Red Cross; Lorelei Schroeter, Director of Direct Response Marketing, Planned Parenthood Federation of America 

11:15AM - 12:30PM

Telemarketing: Not Just for VIP's Anymore

In today's fundraising environment there are many ways in which the phone can be integrated into an organization's fundraising efforts.  In the past the thought has been that the phones are only effective for certain organizations or even more specifically for small sub-segments of an organization's donor file.  The reality is the phone can be an effective tool for all nonprofits and it can often be integrated effectively to all segments of an organization's file. 

Come hear how you can improve the bottom line for your organization by integrating the phone with your current fundraising strategies.   

Intended Audience: Appropriate for all levels of fundraising professionals on both the client and agency side. 

Learning Outcomes: At the conclusion of this session participants will have a better understanding of how the phone can be used to enhance the organization's bottom line, including but not limited to the following:  new strategies, ROI expectations, long-term value comparisons.

Speaker: Nate Drushell, Vice President of Marketing, InfoCision Management Corp.

11:15AM - 12:30PM

Raising Donor Commitment to a Higher Level

Many nonprofits have a large pool of direct mail annual donors and no cost-effective means to identify the very small number of individuals who deserve personal solicitation for a larger gift.  Additionally, there are donors who have the potential to make a much greater gift than they are currently making but are below the level where a personal or face-to-face solicitation is warranted.  Using data and targeted strategies, how can nonprofits cost-effectively identify, cultivate and solicit gifts from Middle Donors?

Intended Audience: Senior and mid-level nonprofit direct marketing managers looking to build upon their successful direct marketing programs, development and planned giving officers

Learning Outcome: At the conclusion of this session, participants will:

  • Receive important insights and “tips/ideas”  that can be implemented out of the gate in identifying and cultivating their own mid-level names
  • Learn how a successful organization built, staffed and refined a successful middle donor program
  • Gain insights into how to integrate all the varied internal departments within your organization to obtain maximum results

Speakers: Lori O’Brien, Senior Vice President of National Direct Marketing, ALSAC/St. Jude Children's Research Hospital; Jean Simmons, Director, Direct Response, Catholic Relief Services; Moderator: Jeanne Harris, Vice-President, Account Management, SCA Direct 

11:15AM - 12:30PM

How to Overcome Your CEO’s Toughest Objections

As a development professional, you are often confronted with trying to educate your CEO or boss on the complexities of direct-response fundraising.  Sometimes you’re on the defensive when you have to justify why you are spending money to make money.  Other times you are trying to defuse “throwing the baby out with the bath water” syndrome, when an angry piece of mail comes back from a donor and your boss wants to stop mailing “too many appeals.”   In this session you will hear from professionals, such as you talk about their experiences on how they have overcome the objections and concerns from their CEO.  Not only will you hear great stories, but you will come away with tangible advice and tools to use when you get back to the office.  You’ll be able to: 1) Figure out the long-term revenue of your new donors,  2) Get advice on how to handle angry donor mail, 3) Win the argument that aggressive mailing is a good thing, and much, much more.  Join us for this lively session! 

Intended Audience: Development Directors, CEOs, new development professionals   

Learning Outcomes: At the conclusion of this session, participants will:

  • Know how to compute the long-term value of your new donors
  • Know how to overcome angry mail from donors and turn them into your best donors
  • Know how to prove that "too many appeals" can be a good thing. 

Speakers: Paula Cain, Manager, Direct Marketing, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation; Allen Thornburg, Director of Direct Response Marketing, Prison Fellowship Ministries; Moderator: Jeff Schreifels, Account Supervisor, Merkle|Domain

12:45PM - 1:45PM

Luncheon with Roundtable Discussions

  • Maximizing Fundraising for Small or Regional Nonprofits
  • Analysis 101:  Glossary of Terms
  • Common Consensus on TM Rules & Regulations
  • Outbound Voice Messaging
  • Increasing Average Gift & Response
  • DRTV
  • List Management
  • Sustainer Programs/Monthly Giving
  • Marketing to the Hispanic Market
  • Planned Giving & Major Gift Prospecting
  • Cause Marketing
  • Premium or Not to Premium
  • Tips on Writing Great Fundraising Letters
  • The Offer - the Ladder or Array, Premiums, Freemiums and Sweeps
  • Creative: Strategy, Offer Construction, Copywriting Techniques, Design Tips, Testing Ideas and More!
  • Blogs & Other Word of Mouth Marketing
  • Data Hygiene
  • List Segmentation
  • List Negotiations
  • Collaboration Between DM, MG & PG Teams to Maximize Revenue and Coordinate Donor Cultivation Efforts
  • Program Metrics: Do All Organizations Measure Success the Same?
  • Managing Your Senior Management
  • Working with an Online Marketing Vendor
  • What's New With Premiums?
  • Upgrading Donors in Your Donor File
  • Managing your Agency

2:00PM - 3:15PM

Building Donor Loyalty -- Comparative Strategies for Getting that Critical 2nd Gift

This session will present proven strategies and creative approaches for getting the newly acquired donor to give that all important 2nd gift.  In particular, we will present comparative strategies on building donor loyalty for donors acquired through standard direct mail programs, donors acquired through special event programs, and those acquired during an emergency or disaster.

Learning Outcomes: At the conclusion of this session, participants will:

  • Be exposed to the 2nd gift strategies and creative approaches employed by other organizations
  • Understand the comparative challenges for building donor loyalty depending on the method of acquisition and the circumstances at the time of the donor’s initial gift.
  • Be armed with tactics and strategies that you can implement tomorrow

Speakers: Erika Kloehn, Director, ALSAC/St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital; Tish Mokrzycki, Director of Online Giving, American Red Cross; Tim Burgess, Founder & Senior Strategist, Merkle|Domain; Moderator: Erika Kloehn, Director, ALSAC/St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

2:00PM - 3:15PM

Maximizing Your Members and Donors

With increased competition, keeping supporters interested and engaged is a challenge that many organizations are facing - one that requires all of us to ‘defy gravity’.  Come hear how some of your colleagues are gaining momentum through the use of innovative fundraising strategies to acquire and build the best possible relationships with their supporters.

Intended Audience: This session is intended for mid-level direct marketers focusing on donor renewal strategies.  Both nonprofit and agency representatives are encouraged to attend.

Learning Outcomes: At the conclusion of this session, participants will:

  • See how the ‘tried and true’ marketing strategies continue to have an impact on developing relationships and gaining momentum
  • Have examples of how some leading nonprofit organizations keep themselves relevant to their constituents through mission and marketing
  • Learn the importance of being credible and maintaining open dialog with supporters and the positive impact this can have on constituent support

Speakers: Shannon McCracken, Director, Direct Marketing, Special Olympics; Jennifer Tierney, Marketing Director, Doctors without Borders; NancyJo Houk, Vice President, Development, TelecomPioneers; Moderator: Maura Szendey, Sr. Account Director, SCA Direct

2:00PM - 3:15PM

Emerging Technologies and Strategies

Take your fundraising program beyond RFM segmentation strategies. We will look at a case study from an organization that has used Longitudinal Contact Strategy (LCS) techniques. Flash philanthropy, blogs and cellular phones - a fresh look at online and new media giving post-Katrina/post-Tsunami. Marketing automation technologies have made a significant impact on commercial direct marketing programs. Now, these same technologies are proving effective in nonprofit direct marketing programs.  You will see a demonstration and results of this emerging technology.

Intended Audience: Development Directors who are interested in taking their fundraising programs to the next level.

Learning Outcomes: At the conclusion of this session, participants will:

  • Understand the basic concepts of Longitudinal Contact Strategy and its
    potential benefits for their organization
  • Understand how to use new media fundraising tools like cellular phones, blogs, and truly integrated direct response programs for every kind of nonprofit organization
  • Learn how to create a Longitudinal Contact Strategy and automate the interactions with each donor  

Speakers: Michael Johnston, President, HJC Consultants and HJC New Media; Allan Thornburgh, Vice President of Marketing, Prison Fellowship Ministries; Michael Rogers, President & CEO, StrategicOne; Moderator: Michael Rogers, President & CEO, StrategicOne

3:15PM - 3:30PM

Energy Break

3:30PM - 4:45PM

Diving into Your Lapsed Pool: What to Say and Who to Say it To

With so many dollars already invested in a potentially large pool of warm prospects, how can you make the most of your recapture budget?  Come hear the latest thinking on addressing your lapsed donor pool including: ways to improve your creative to inspire former donors to renew their support of your organization, new ways of selecting your target audience that go beyond traditional RFM, and specific case studies on efforts that worked (or maybe didn’t).

Intended Audience: Directors who are responsible for planning and budgeting, managers who are working to increase response and maximize file growth, and anyone responsible for package design

Learning Outcomes: At the conclusion of this session, participants will:

  • Come away with specific creative ideas to test in their own programs
  • Have a better understanding of how to target file selects and different tools to use
  • Understand the costs and benefits to different approaches to lapse recapture and renewal

Speakers: Emily J. Farrell, Manager, Acquisition Programs, ALSAC/St. Jude Children's Research Hospital; Josh Whichard, Account Manager, SCA Direct Moderator: Scott Wood, Director of Annual Giving, National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund 

3:30PM - 4:45PM

Hispanic Fundraising and Marketing:  Hit the Ground Running, Then Fly!

Drop the apprehension and GET ON BOARD!    Hispanic marketing is maturing - it’s an established market with great history.  Are you in it?   Defy gravity: want to learn enough to hit the ground running and take off?    Are you already in it and want to see how others are succeeding?   This is the session for you. 

Hispanic donors are loyal lifetime givers, a critical constituency that will help your organization prosper. Learn how to move your organization in this significant direction. The format is back and the experts are new:  

  • A for-profit Hispanic publisher that will lend exciting and priceless information that any nonprofit can apply to their fundraising efforts
  • Hispanic market agency executive to speak about the nuances and give tips on reaching this varied constituency
  • A nonprofit professional shares the long-term successes of his organizations efforts to the Hispanic market.  Here is an opportunity to learn some do’s and don’ts

This is your call to action!!

Speakers: Jim Morrison, Association of Marian Helpers; John Nicholson, Doubleday Entertainment (Bookspan); Pamela Kimmerling-Hoveling, RK Hispanica Direct; ModeratorChris Ragusa, Estee Marketing Group 

3:30PM - 4:45PM

Integrated Direct Marketing in Public Broadcasting

Direct mail, telemarketing, online marketing, even television and radio, all rolled into one comprehensive fundraising strategy?  Can it work?  The answer is YES.  Come listen to fundraising professionals from two Public Broadcasting stations discuss how they are using the various different direct marketing devices in carefully constructed campaigns to increase overall revenue and build stronger programs.

Learning Outcomes: At the conclusion of this session, participants will:

  • Learn to integrate different fundraising techniques into cohesive, structured and direct fundraising efforts
  • See how integrated marketing efforts can maximize individual campaign performance
  • Better leverage online marketing, telemarketing and other fundraising techniques with traditional direct mail

Speakers: Tricia Reyes, Associate Director, Thirteen WNET New York; Luke Vander Linden, Vice President of Integrated Marketing Services,CWB Marketing Group; Moderator: George Whelan, Vice President, Carl Bloom Associates  

3:30PM - 4:45PM

Special Nonprofit Only Professional Exchange Workshops

Feedback has suggested that nonprofit professionals want greater opportunities to meet and share experiences with each other at our conferences.  The Nonprofit Professional Exchange takes the roundtable concept a step further, to encourage a more interactive and relevant experience for non-profit attendees.  The exchange will hopefully not end with the conference; participants in each session will receive a list of participants and contact information to follow-through on questions, share best practices and explore new ideas.  This format is designed to let nonprofit professionals speak with their nonprofit peers directly in an interactive forum.   Each session will revolve around a single, exploratory topic.  A  facilitator will assure an environment where ideas are exchanged freely, concerns are expressed openly and relationship-building is encouraged.  

Intended Audience: Must be with a nonprofit organization and can include  Managers, Directors and others with a specific interest in any of the following sessions.  Must be willing to share and learn.  Space will be limited to 20 participants for each topic. 

TECHNOLOGY FUNDRAISING From e-marketing to web-fundraising, is your organization on the cutting edge or still trying to get there?   Do you have the capacity and not the organizational buy-in?  Or, do you have the buy-in but don’t know where to start?  Come share your experiences, learn from others and create networking relationships to benefit you throughout your careers! 

WORKING WITH MULTIPLE VENDORS Share insights and examples of working with multiple vendors. How do you maximize the collective brainpower by having multiple suppliers sit at the same table?  What’s the protocol and expectations for both you and the suppliers?  How do you make it work?  In a refreshingly candid atmosphere, come away with what’s working, what’s not, and best practices for maximizing opportunities for your program using multiple vendors. 

MOVING MIDDLE DONORS UP TO MAJOR GIVING LEVELS Learn and contribute best practices and new approaches for moving donors to higher levels in your organization.  Should you start a new program or just tweak what you currently are doing?  Bring an open mind for new ideas and new contacts!   

6:00PM - 8:00PM

Networking Reception

Thursday, August 10


8:00AM - 9:00AM

General Session:Heath Slawner photo Influence: The Ultimate Power Tool for Nonprofits

With the competitive environment in today’s non-profit arena, and with the number of new nonprofits increasing daily, what can you do to get donors to say YES to your organization?  Based on the million copy seller, Influence: Science & Practice by Dr. Robert Cialdini, we have invited Heath Slawner, who is a one of the top Cialdini Method Certified Trainers, to share the research, results and applications of this groundbreaking work.  Learn approaches to put you ahead of the YES game, such as 1) what are the six powerful principles of influence that lead others to say “yes” to requests, 2) how to use these principles ethically and avoid being manipulative, and 3) how to apply these principles to your daily work.  Come see what others are doing to broaden their competitive edge.  Through Mr. Slawner’s extensive personal cause-related work with nonprofits, he’ll share with you first-hand experience with relevance and passion.

General Session Speaker: Heath SlawnerPartner, Hart Resource Development     

9:15AM - 10:30AM

Planning for the Future: How to Build and Execute a Long-Term Growth Plan

Even in hard times, nonprofits can achieve growth by building a reliable long-term plan.  In this informative session, you’ll hear how a major organization specifically planned for growth and made the numbers.  You can benefit from hearing about the tools they used to build their plan, and how they were able to gain consensus within the organization to implement the plan.  At the end of this session, you will have gained the knowledge to implement a long-term growth plan for your own organization. 

Intended Audience: Development Directors, Marketing Directors and Managers, individuals responsible for budgets, strategic planning and financial growth within their direct marketing programs

Learning Outcomes: At the conclusion of this session, participants will:

  • Learn the metrics required to establish overall goals
  • Gain the tools to develop an annual direct marketing plan and long-term plan for growth
  • Hear a case study from another nonprofit who has successfully implemented growth by following a long-term plan

Speakers: Paula Cain, Manager, Direct Marketing, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation; Larry May, CEO & President, Direct Media; Moderator: Paula Cain, Manager, Direct Marketing, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation 

9:15AM - 10:30AM

Using Direct Response in Planned Giving Marketing

Brochures, mailings, the Internet. . . all techniques you use as a college, university or nonprofit organization to market your planned giving program.  But what about those qualified prospects that stay just below your radar?  Are you fully using direct response to proactively identify and qualify planned giving prospects?

In this session, our panelists will share their insights and successes in using direct response to market their Planned Giving message.  Topics include:

  • Choosing the correct donors to include in your PG direct marketing plan-including a discussion on donor scores
  • Developing a comprehensive direct mail plan-focused on planned giving
  • Using the telephone:  it’s not just for annual giving anymore!

In this informative session you will learn how to identify planned giving prospects on your file and how to effectively use direct response for marketing planned giving programs in a variety of settings, whether you are at a university or at a nonprofit organization.

Intended Audience: This session is geared toward higher education fundraisers and marketers, nonprofit fundraisers and marketers.

Learning Outcomes: At the conclusion of this session, participants will:

  • Learn how to identify planned giving prospects in the direct mail file
  • Understand the importance of developing a separate direct mail plan for planned giving prospects
  • Use the telephone to qualify planned giving prospects

Speakers: Gordon Smith, National Director of Planned Giving, National Jewish Medical Center; Laura Lucas, Manager, Mizzou Annual Fund, University of Missouri, Columbia; Amy Gill, Director of Philanthropy Marketing, The Nature Conservancy; Moderator: Timothy D. Logan, ACFRE, Vice President, Planned Giving Services Ruffalo CODY

9:15AM - 10:30AM

Industry Trends: What’s going on in Direct Mail Acquisition, Direct Mail Renewal, Online and Telemarketing?

Using key metrics (mail quantities, response %, Avg. Gift, CPDR, etc.) learn what trends your peers in the industry are experiencing in their acquisition and renewal programs.  Stats will be provided from tools developed by ParadyszMatera (Market Relevance Performance Watch) and from Target Analysis Group (National Fundraising Index).

A discussion of trends taking place in both the on-line and telemarketing arenas will also be presented.  

Intended Audience: Nonprofit organizations, Agency professionals

Learning Outcomes: At the conclusion of this session, participants will:

  • Identify key metrics that many nonprofit organizations are using to benchmark their activities with others
  • Recognize strengths/weaknesses in your fundraising program as compared to your peers
  • Identify trends that are taking place in the industry

Speakers: John Ernst, Vice President, Paradysz Matera; Kathy Gallagher, Vice President, Target Analysis Group; Dirk Rinker, President, Campbell Rinker Research; Moderator: Nichole Krieger, Director, Direct Marketing, Paralyzed Veterans of America 

10:45AM - 12:00PM

The Best and Brightest -- Bring Their Best!

Don’t miss this opportunity to catch an encore presentation of the nonprofit creative session from the DMA05 in Atlanta. We’ve asked the best and brightest creative “engineers” in the industry to look through their agency’s creative arsenal and bring their most successful creative packages based on the last 24 months of fundraising!  These are new packages that have been in the market for the first time over the past two years and are successful.  They’ll show their big winners from the recent past, talk about the elements of the package, share results and tell WHY they think it beat the controls!

Intended Audience: Appropriate for entry level to advanced fundraising professionals on both the client and agency side.

Learning Outcomes: You’ll learn new techniques that are working for others for acquisition, renewal, upgrading/major donor appeals, and special event fundraising

Speakers: Ron Bell, President, Target MarkeTeam; Mark Oehlshlaeger, Creative Director, Merkle|Domain; Steve Maggio, President, DaVinci Direct; Moderator: Tony Genovese, CEO, DaVinci Direct 

10:45AM - 12:00PM

Now that I Have Web Donors, What Do I Do Next?

You have the web technology, have learned how to use it and you now have web donors.  Many organizations are now wondering what to do next.  Is it best only to communicate with these donors with email?  Should you be putting these donors into regular mail or telemarketing campaigns? Or is there some other strategy to engage, cultivate and renew these donors? Learn from two organizations and web fundraising council how they are tackling these questions to keep this new group of donors interested, involved and supporting their organizations.

Intended Audience:  Appropriate for all levels of fundraising professionals both on the client and agency side who are involved with web based fundraising.

Learning Outcomes: At the conclusion of this session, participants will have new strategies and tactics for engaging and renewing web donors.

Speakers: Vinay Bhagat, Founder, Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer, Convio; Linda Wenger, Executive Director of Marketing and Communications, Jewish National Fund; Lisa Daniels, Project Manager, McPherson Associates; Kristin Bugge, Senior Director, Membership, WNYC Radio 

10:45AM - 12:00PM

Mining Donors in Your Own Backyard

This session showcases organizations who have successfully converted warm prospects (individuals with an organizational affiliation such as event participant, information requestor, and/or advocate) into individuals who also support the organization with monetary gifts made through direct response programs.  An advantage of these individuals is that they already have an affiliation with your organization, so the transfer to direct giving should be easy, right?  Come find out from these experts why it's important to get organizational buy-in, if these individuals actually perform better than donors acquired through traditional sources, how to best market to these individuals, and many other aspects in focusing on this kind of strategy.  These speakers have been in the trenches.  Come learn from their experiences - both good and bad - about bringing a warm prospect program to life. 

Intended Audience: Direct Marketing Managers and individuals responsible for program growth and cultivation

Learning Outcomes: At the conclusion of this session, participants will:

  • Know if a warm prospect conversion program is right for your organization
  • Hear actual case studies of getting a warm prospect program off the ground
  • Learn how warm prospects convert to direct giving
  • Be able to develop your own marketing plans based on the panel's experiences with this unique audience.           

Speakers: Kim Haywood, Director, Direct Response Fundraising, March of Dimes; Lisa Leahy, Director, Mothers March & Telemarketing, March of Dimes; Amy George, Account Director, Target MarkeTeam; Sherry Minton, Director of Direct Response, American Heart Association. Moderator: Lisa Wilson, President, LG Wilson & Associates

12:15PM - 1:15PM

Luncheon with Nonprofit Organization of the Year Award

1:30PM - 2:45PM

Acquisition: Winners & Losers

Ever been so sure that you knew how a test was going to come out?  Tried to time and again beat your control with no success?  Join three direct marketing experts as they share some of their insight, wit and wisdom in an interactive session that will demonstrate that predicting winners and losers is no small feat.

Intended Audience: Direct Marketing Fundraising Professionals, from Beginners to Advanced

Learning Outcomes: At the conclusion of this session, participants will:

  • Learn different creative and messaging techniques for Acquisition from three top agencies
  • Learn Do’s and Don’ts of testing in Acquisition
  • See what packages, techniques and formats perform stronger than others

Speakers: Jack Doyle, President, Amergent; Carl Bloom, President, Carl Bloom Associates; Diana Estremera, Senior Vice President, Direct Media; Moderator: George Whelan, Vice President, Carl Bloom Associates

1:30PM - 2:45PM

Fundraising Across Programs and Channels

Speakers will share their experience and stories related to managing multiple programs and channels.  Specifically, they will focus on how to make decisions related to:

Investment into each program/channel (i.e. acquisition for a Premium based program vs. a Monthly Giving program OR acquisition for a Monthly Giving program through the mail vs. DRTV or Telemarketing)

  • Conversion from one program/channel to another
  • Growth of each program/channel
  • How each program/channel can enhance and/or support the success of another program/channel

The speakers will present real life issues and share solutions and industry tools that can help a marketer manage all programs/channels for the overall success of the organization, not just a single program.    

Intended Audience: Development Directors, CEOs/CFOs, development professionals responsible for new program development.

Speakers: Carol Folsom, Director of Development, Autism Society of America; Zach Hinton, VP of Development, Food for the Poor; Lisa Wilson, President, LG Wilson & Associates; Moderator: Peter Schoewe, Senior Consultant, Mal Warwick Associates

1:30PM - 2:45PM


Take the Long View: Shape Your Marketing Strategy by Analyzing Long-term Donor Value and New Donor Conversion

Long-Term Donor Value (LTV) and New Donor Conversion are hot topics as acquisition costs rise, response rates dip, and first-year renewal rates decline. In this session you will learn how nonprofit organizations are measuring LTV and new donor conversion rates to determine the best strategies for acquiring and keeping high quality donors. Come hear how a list broker has incorporated LTV information into more effective list planning, and how nonprofit organizations are using this LTV and new donor conversion to uncover new marketing opportunities.

Intended Audience: Mid-level direct marketer with a passion for acquiring the best long-term donors for your organization.  This is a great session for acquisition managers, list brokers and agency account staff who are interested in leveraging data beyond basic campaign analysis to make long-term acquisition decisions.

Learning Outcomes: At the conclusion of this session, participants will:

  • Learn some specific applications of how long-term value is being used as a list selection tool
  • Identify some opportunities for package treatment applications
  • Identify ways to apply long term value findings into renewal programs

Speaker: Janet Winston, Analytic Director, SCA Direct; Nichole Krieger, Director, Paralyzed Veterans of America; Tobi DeVito, Associate Director, ParadyzMatera; Moderator: Bryan Terpstra, Senior Director, LW Robbins Associates

2:45PM - 3:00PM

Energy Break

3:00PM - 4:00PM

Closing Session: The Take Away Tools

Come hear the freshest and newest ideas presented during the conference.  This session will provide you the valuable tidbits from the sessions you missed or great ideas you heard about in the hall.  Book your airline ticket for a later departure as you won’t want to miss this session as we recap the ideas that “defy gravity” from the general and breakout sessions. Sure you got some great ideas but what did you miss from the sessions you couldn’t get to?  Participants at this session will be included in special drawings for great prizes!

Intended Audience: All conference attendees

Panelists: Brent Stinar, President, SQN Design and Communication; Pru Bovee, Copywriter, Prudence Bovee Copywriting; Mina Stanard, Vice President, Membership, National Parks Conservation Association; Moderator: Charlie Cadigan, Managing Director, Frontline Data Group






























































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